Jenkins: Publish Over CIFS plugin

If You run jenkins on windows machine I may save You some hours.

I wanted to copy some files from my job’s workspace to a network share which needed authentication. So XCOPY wasn’t enough, I looked for some other solution. The Publish Over CIFS plugin can handle this situation, so I installed and configured it and added a new “Send build artifact to windows share” post build step to my job.

After a quick build delay I found these lines at the end of the build’s console output:

CIFS: Connecting from host [atlas]
CIFS: Connecting with configuration [fileserver DEPLOY share] ...
CIFS: Removing WINS from name resolution
CIFS: Setting response timeout [30 000]
CIFS: Setting socket timeout [35 000]
CIFS: cleaning [smb://fileserver.mecset.local/DEPLOY/ArdinTemplatingRedmineConnector/]
CIFS: Disconnecting configuration [fileserver DEPLOY share] ...
CIFS: Transferred 0 file(s)

0 files transferred? I naturally have some result files, so I checked paths, etc. No errors but no files copied.

After a short 2 hours of trial-and-errors I realized: despite the hosting windows isn’t the plugin IS CASE SENSITIVE! Grrrrr…

My source files were set to:


After changed to:


everything worked fine.

Nothing was written on plugins wiki pages about this so if some source engine bringed You here I hope it helps.