Misleading message

What You would do if You get the following result after running a unit test?

Assert.AreEqual failed. Expected:<2016.04.27. 8:22:52>. Actual:<2016.04.27. 8:22:52>.

My head was full with abstractions waiting to be coded, but the above result brings me in
unexpected state. Everything suspended and my eyes were scanning the two values character by
character repeatedly to find out what is the difference? Nothing!
A quick debug revealed that the values differ in milliseconds which are not shown in the message.

But what a misleading message! Maybe the difference should be emphasized somehow!
Because I lost my concentration, my flow, etc.
It was the same when You cannot work quietly because somebody always coming to You and asks
something. Anything. Applying the 8th point of the great article I found on Joel’s blog years before
to this situation: such messages are breaking down productivity and should be avoided.

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