Welcome back!

I just solved a Db connection problem which has to be posted here. But before I do it I must to say something why wasnt posted anything on this blog for more than one year.

Dont be afraid, nothing happened to Your favorite blogger just I was working hard.

As You may noticed before I dont have an internal force which pushes me to write daily just for fun. This blog intended to be a place for interesting things I meet during my IT related work. If no such things happen there will be no posts here. If I cannot collect enough information to tailor a full post to You there will be no post too. If I cannot allocate a time slice or can only take it from my family there will be no posts too.

Just checked time entries in our Redmine system what was I doing meanwhile. I only saw lots of contributions to our legacy systems.

However some noticable things raised but neither were a kind of minute-related things. They were not Problems which had a Solution.

I am having a philosophycal-practical notion about automatized software testing which I built up during daily practice of TDD.

I am experiencing with Arduino and having small projects related to toys my children have.

I am influenced with Java now.

Hope You will read some posts about these soon here 🙂

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